BIKE DELIVERY / Frequently Asked Questions

Opening hours
The cafe is currently opened from 7:30am > 5pm. Staff come from 7am to prepare the space to be ready to welcome customers at 7:30am. Bakers are here earlier to bake the breads. Delivery shifts start at 7:45am everyday.

Shifts are available in a shared Google calendar. They are usually fixed but will need to change according to people being away so make sure to check the shared calendar regularly.

Holidays or days off must to be requested to your Manager at least 4 weeks in advance by email.

Punctuality & Starting Shifts
If you cannot make it to your shift on time or at all, make sure to CALL Alex (or the cafe > make sure you have the number on your phone: ‭+44 7957 158184‬) as soon as you know you wont be able to work. Do not leave it for last minute as it is unlikely we’ll be able to replace you on time!

If you would like to swap your shift as others in the Whatsapp group.

Please always remember that you are transporting FOOD that people will put in there mouth and eat. Please be extra careful to make sure the breads are always clean and kept in clear / dry areas.

Safety & Maintenance
Please always wear a helmet while cycling and be extra cautious on the road.
Please make sure the bike is kept clean at all time. We have grease for the chain (in a plastic box on shelf next to lockers) and a pump (next to the bike) for the tires if you feel they need any.
We clean the grey boxes every Monday but if they are wet / dirty / mouldy please clean and dry them at any time.

Please make sure to fill in the Checklist daily including your hours. Email Alex about anything that needs to be fixed urgently.

Use of phone
Please do not use your mobile phone while cycling. If you need to make an urgent phone call please stop on the road side.

When do i get paid?

All worked hours are paid monthly three working days after the end of the month.

Payslip password

All payslips are encrypted and to access the payslips following format of password has to be used. The password is 610Central.

Staff food + discounts

Staff get one free coffee or tea during your shifts. All other food can be bought at 50% staff discount..

Staff gets 50% discount on all food and drinks. There are a few exceptions so please ask alex for anything you re not sure.

Staff can buy bread at 50% discount fresh on the day it is baked, or you can have 1 of yesterday bread for free or if leftover at the end of the day. When you take one bread at the end of the day make sure to add it to the till as Waste (100% discount) and to make sure we have a record of what was sold or wasted on that day.


Smile, we have CCTV cameras in the cafe and bakery area :-).

Food Waste

I am passionate about trying to reduce food waste in any possible way. So please feel free to suggest any ideas you have to avoid any food going to waste in the cafe. This means we'll sometimes serve day old food to staff to avoid it going to waste.

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